Why I would be a Sith…

*This is a bit of a far fetched article but it’s all in good fun!*

Now stay with me guys…

A few weeks ago I went to see the new Star Wars identities Exhibit at the O2. if you are interested in psychology and don’t mind Star Wars then it is worth a visit. I didn’t expect to take such a journey through my own psyche.

Image result for star wars identities o2 Star Wars Identities Exhibit

The exhibit (no spoilers) basically shows people how Lucas Film made and created the Star Wars universe: Most notably how each character was given their own personal story to tell. The exhibit leads you through the creative process of many different characters, including Luke, Darth Vader and Yoda (of course) and allows you to interact at each stage to create your own personalised Star Wars character.  Once it has helped you explore who your character is, what they stand for and what they are willing to fight for, you are asked one question: Emperor Palpatine has asked you to join the dark side instead of Anakin Skywalker…do you?

Naturally, most people automatically say no. The Sith are very obviously the Bad Guys, and who really wants to be that?!

But I seemed to approach it in a different way (and clearly far too seriously): Yes the Sith are bad, but they are undeniable going to be in control of everything by the start of Episode 4. Since you are essentially taking the place of Anakin (who would later become Darth Vader…oopsie, spoiler!) you will become Palpatine’s right hand man. Which is a power of position in its own right.

It was clear to see that all of the things I value (equality and freedom for all, to put it simply) are not things that the Sith really aspire towards. So, if I do not join the Dark Side, I would most likely be the first to die under the Sith reign as everything I stand for is everything they want to get rid of. I can never enact real change if I am dead…so I really have no choice but to join him.

But aside from that, there is also the fact that being in a power of position does not mean that you are automatically a bad person: To become Palpatine’s right hand man means that you are his first in command, his confidant, his personal assistant…nothing happens in the Sith empire without you knowing about it, and most importantly, without him telling you the plan first. In this position, you could potentially be able to change Palpatine’s mind about things. Also, as you are in such a high position of power, everyone beneath you has to listen to you. You could coonvince Palpatine not to condemn all Jedi rights campaigners or those who oppose the Empire, but rather approach it from a different angle. In this sense, you can become the Snape to Palpatine’s Voldemort (Did I just combine fandoms??!!).

Image result for harry potter and star wars gifs

It is also the simple thing of ‘better the devil you know’. It may also be worth noting that Darth Vader’s plan all along was to overthrow Palpatine. Or at least this is what many people are hypothesizing. While it may be super sneaky and may be proof that you have become the Dark Side, the only way anyone could ever hope to truly overthrow Palpatine is to be on the inside with him: I mean, I wouldn’t have a Jedi son for Palpatine to torture in front of me with lightning bolts, so I have to find another reason to throw him over a balcony…right? I mean someone is going to have to.

So what do you guys think? Would you have come to same conclusion?

T xxx


Cosplay or copycat?

We have seen from some of the previous blogs that copyright law steps in when there has been blatant copying of one game in creating another game, but what about taking the characters themselves out of the game and into the real world?

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game, and is usually focused on those characters from the Japanese genres of manga or anime. it is a common practice at many comicons that the vast majority of those attending take the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters, with many conventions now holding competitions for the best look-a-likes.

Image result for cosplay

A couple cosplaying as Wonder Woman and Batman. Other examples can be seen here

But if you were to dress up as your favorite character, this is not necessarily a cheap feat. If you are really going to do the character justice you need a lot of supplies: clothing, make-up, wigs, weapons, accessories, footwear, extra padding, armour details…the list can go on and on especially if you are trying to recreate a character from comics or video games. Now in the wonderful digital age in which we live, the internet has made all of the above easily accessible. The main question however will be whether or not you can afford to buy it all: If we decided to stick it out with our Dark Knight above, this could set a person back around £250. You’ll look awesome, but probably won’t be able to afford any other clothing for the foreseeable future.

So why not make your own?

I’ll admit it right now: I love a bit of dressing up. Any chance to wear fancy dress and quite frankly I’m sold. However, I am also really, really, really tight-fisted when it comes to my money and so could never justify to myself spending a lot of money on an outfit I’ll most likely only wear once (twice if i’m really lucky!). Creating your own costume is easier and usually cheaper than buying one ready made, especially if you are dressing up for a bit of fun at a convention or as a party troupe. However some of these cosplay competitions are a big deal for those who compete: While cash prizes are rare, the opportunity to win trophies, photography sessions and even meet-and-greet passes with the convention guests, are all big prizes to those fans who compete. In order to win once in a lifetime opportunities such as those awarded at these competitions, your costume must be on point: My Wonder Woman t-shirt, blue skirt and silver bangles will not be enough.

But does making your own count as copyright infringement? In short, no. If you are creating a costume purely for your own enjoyment then it would most likely not be covered by copyright infringement, as you are not causing any financial risk to the original owners. I could take this time to try and explain the implications of design rights within the fashion industry but that would be an entirely new blog post!

What if you made one for a friend?

Now this is where things could potentially be a problem. If you enjoy making the costumes, you may have a friend who asks you to create a costume for them of a particular character as the entire feat is too complicated for them. Based on the financial risk to the original owners, whether this could be copyright infringement rests heavily on whether or not they pay you for the work, and, almost more weighty, is whether this becomes a business for you. If your friend offers to pay you for the materials and time to make the costume, then it could be seen that you are taking money away from the original owner of the character and the costume. While this is extreme, it could become a more pressing issue if you were to do this for lots of friends…so much so that you would say that it is your work and it clearly had a commercial gain to it all.

Final verdict?

When it is clear that your hobby has now become a commercial enterprise, it is probably best to seek a license to use the image from the original owner (such as DC, Marvel or Square Enix for example) in order to protect yourself from a very nasty infringement claim being brought against you. While this may seem like a bit of an effort, it is best to cover your back rather than risk bankrupting yourself over something as minor as a winged cape.

Other than that, craft to your heart’s content my fellow geeks! I shall see you at a convention near you.

T xx


Things I wish I knew before I studied law

Image result for go to law school they said meme

Accurate representation of me throughout my 4 years of studying law

When I went to law school, there were a lot of surprises: the workload, the content and above all else, the career prospects.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED studying law and even to this day I am still keen to read my course books over and over again in order to keep my memory fresh. But there are a few things I wish someone had told me before I started my studies and I would like to share those with you now.

1. Dry, Dry and Dry

Something to be aware of about law school is the unbelievably dry content of the topics. The undergraduate degree is a lot more focused on the theory behind laws rather than the actual law itself: Nothing is straight-forward. While you may have a few subjects that have really interesting cases (criminal, here’s looking at you!) the majority of other subjects such as contract, tort, land and equity are all very much focused on the interpretation of the law and the consequences of such interpretations. In a nutshell, while the law may say one thing, a judge may say the complete opposite based on interpretation and thus that is a new spanner to throw into the already heaving works.

2. Be prepared for some weirdness

This relates to the above note quite a lot and I would like to warn you before hand to be ready to hear some really weird stuff while you study. Especially when it comes to criminal law. If you are someone who is more conservative or uncomfortable discussing the nasty habits of society then this may not be a nice few years of study for you: In my second year of undergraduate degree, my Monday mornings consisted of learning about cases that dealt with sadomasochistic sex and acts that not even 50 Shades would condone (I will not go into details but most cases involved candles, nails and man-bits). Then again, some of the situations that people managed to get themselves into regarding contract law and land disputes will also make you stare in both shock and disbelief that so many people can have so little common sense. But do not fret because this brings me onto the next point…

3. You will become desensitised to all of the weirdness

Eventually, you really will have heard everything. It is very rare, especially when studying, to read about a situation that has absolutely no precedent and after a while all of these situations will begin to be funny rather than shocking. Furthermore, it always stands to remember that an entire field of law was founded because one man found a snail in his bottle of ginger beer. The more cases you read, the more you stop being shocked by what you have read and simply add it to the long list of cases that already exist. So bear with it all…after the fourth or fifth case of the same scenario, it no longer seems that weird.

4. Law is not a single destination

When you begin law school, it is drilled into you from that point onwards that you have two options: Solicitor or barrister. It can sometimes be difficult to see any other career path as all work experience and lectures are focused on getting you into one of those two fields. If you are lucky, you already know which path you want to take and this is not news to you. However if you are like me and want to study law simply because you think it will be interesting, then there are a few more things to be aware of. Law is a wonderful subject and it will redoubtably be useful no matter what profession you later decide to go into: become an estate agent based on land law, a journalist based on media law, a news presenter based on public law and so on and so forth…the list really is endless! I have many classmates who have gone on to work as television producers, research assistants, bankruptcy officers and even company secretaries. Other careers such as patent attorneys or IP consultants have their own training programmes available so that you can do more or less the same role as a solicitor but be more specialised in an area of law that you find most appealing.

Also, the life of a solicitor and a barrister is not for everyone: the responsibility and the stress of such a job can be too much for some people to cope with. Therefore jobs as a paralegal, legal secretary, legal assistant or even as a personal assistant to a solicitor allow people to work closely with the law without having to shoulder so much pressure while doing so.

5. Breathe.

This is probably the most important. Throughout my time at university, my classmates and I spent the majority of our time racing to keep up with the work load (even when we were on top of our workload) and no surprise we would burn out every few months. So my advice, my main piece of advice, is to breathe. Research has shown that the optimum amount of time you can spend studying is roughly 2 hours…any more than that and your brain is no longer paying attention and you shall remember nothing new. Set yourself a target (I used an alarm clock) to work for 2 hours on any given topic and then take a break for 15-30 minutes: Enough time to make a cup of tea and actually drink it all, or to watch one YouTube video, or even to walk around the block quickly. When you come back to studying you will be more refreshed and more ready to start again and thus avoid any chances for burning out. Also, set yourself at least one nice social event or pamper evening a week: See a friend for coffee, have a movie night with your partner, go out for dinner with your parents. Whatever it is, do something that is completely unrelated to your studies so that you can completely decompress after a week of solid studying. It will be worth it and you will be able to keep up momentum for much longer.

NOTE: This last comment isn’t exclusive to law, as it should be remembered that no matter what course you are studying or what career you are aiming to go into, your own mental health is worth so much more than a qualification!


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T xx